Exam Policy

We are committed to providing a transparent and equitable exam experience for all candidates pursuing a Lean Six Sigma certification. This Exam Policy also supports our commitment to upholding and maintaining Lean Six Sigma curriculum standards. This policy governs our certification exams. Enrolling for any of our certification exams confirms your voluntary agreement to adhere to this policy.

  1. Eligibility: Candidates must meet the prerequisites for the specific certification level they are pursuing. Eligibility criteria include completing the required training course and any other prerequisites specified by Lean Sigma Corporation. Master Black Belt certification has a prerequisite of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. All other certification levels do not have prerequisites.
  2. Exam Enrollment: Candidates must enroll for the exam through our designated enrollment pages. These enrollment pages ensure you have access to the proper resources in our system based on your level of candidacy (YB, GB, BB, MBB)
  3. Exam Format: Exams are conducted online through our dedicated servers and secure examination platform. The exam interface will display one-click access to all questions in an overview table. Questions can be marked for review, answered, or skipped. The format will include multiple-choice, single-choice, and matrix/sorting questions.
  4. Exam Attempts: All certification exams allow for two attempts.
  5. Exam Length and Duration: The exam duration varies based on certification level. Candidates are allotted a specific amount of time to complete their certification exam. If the time limit is reached and the candidate has not submitted the exam, it will be auto-submitted. During any test or exam, if your session idles for 10 minutes, you will be prompted by the system to determine if you are still there. This prompt is for user "active-time" tracking purposes and will not stop or delay your test time limit. During your exam, the system will save your progress every two minutes. Exam duration and question counts are:
    • Yellow Belt: 1 Hour - 50 Questions
    • Green Belt: 2 Hours - 100 Questions
    • Black Belt: 3 Hours - 150 Questions
  6. Exam Results: Candidates will receive their exam results immediately upon submission. Results are displayed on screen and sent to your email address on record. The passing score for all certification exams is 80%. We will not provide you the ability to see the correct answers for any questions on any of our certification exams. We take pride in upholding the integrity of our certification process. Our commitment is to ensure that all candidates have a fair and equal opportunity to demonstrate their Lean Six Sigma knowledge and skills. We provide support, guidance, and resources to help you succeed in your certification journey while maintaining the highest standards of fairness and honesty.
  7. Retakes: Candidates who do not pass their certification exam after two attempts, can pay for another two attempts at a discounted rate. Exam retakes are covered under this exam policy.
  8. Accommodations: Lean Sigma Corporation is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to candidates with documented disabilities. Candidates requiring accommodations must contact us in advance to make appropriate arrangements.
  9. Certification Issuance: Upon successfully passing the exam, candidates will receive a digital certificate from Lean Sigma Corporation and a listing in our Official Certification Directory.
  10. Policy Changes: Lean Sigma Corporation reserves the right to update or modify this Exam Policy any time. Candidates will be notified of any policy changes through our official communication channels.

By proceeding with exam enrollment, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to comply with the terms outlined in this Exam Policy. If you have any questions or require further clarification, don't hesitate to contact our support team at: support[at]leansigmacorporation.com.