Lean Six Sigma Licensing

At Lean Sigma Corporation, we're committed to spreading the power of Lean Six Sigma far and wide. That's why we've designed our comprehensive Licensing Program, creating opportunities for individuals, consultants, universities, and corporations to become part of our global network. With our Licensing Program, you gain the opportunity to leverage our established brand and access our high-quality courseware.

Since 2010

A Rich History as a Trusted Lean Six Sigma Provider

We have a long history of providing Lean Six Sigma certification and training in partnership with colleges and universities across America. Our licensing program enables universities to offer courses in full-semester format with prerequisites, classroom training content, eLearning systems, and our official certification exams.

University Lean Six Sigma Licensing Clients

Why Choose Our Lean Six Sigma Licensing Program?

Our Licensing Program offers a win-win scenario for both you and your clients. As a licensee, you'll receive exclusive access to our expertly crafted Lean Six Sigma training content, which covers the full spectrum of Lean Six Sigma principles. This material ensures your training sessions whether online or in the classroom, are engaging and impactful. All of our Lean Six Sigma Licensing plans include:

  • Professionally Narrated eLearning Courses (Black Belt, Green Belt, and Yellow Belt)
  • Interactive Quizzes following each lesson to solidify learning
  • Official Certification Exams with Lean Sigma Corporation as Your Certification Entity - your successful students, clients, and customers will be listed in our official certification directory
  • D.M.A.I.C. Phase Tests that help students assess their progress and understanding
  • PowerPoint Training Slides that enable classroom and/or hybrid instructor led training
  • eBooks meticulously structured and published to cover the same topics as the courses, quizzes, tests, and certification exams
  • Tools, Templates, and Data Files - available for all of your students, customers, and clients to help when actually practicing Lean Six Sigma in the field
  • Roadmaps such as our Hypothesis Testing Roadmap, Control Charts Roadmap, and D.M.A.I.C. Roadmap
  • Quick Reference eGuide

Combined, this content represents the most comprehensive and professional turnkey Lean Six Sigma program available anywhere.

Licensing Programs Designed for You and Your Organization


Licensed Trainer Program

Designed for Master Black Belt trainers, and consultants, the licensed trainer program provides you with access to world-class content and systems allowing you to facilitate your own online or classroom instructor-led training. The advantages are enormous...

Lean Six Sigma White Label License

Licensed Partner Program

A turnkey white-label licensing program implemented for training companies, corporations, and higher education. The licensed partner program delivers all of the power of our certification courses and supporting content in a complete package using your brand. 


Per User License Program

Designed as an additional option for training companies and universities, the Lean Six Sigma Per User License Program provides an immediate turnkey solution enabling clients to begin offering Lean Six Sigma courses quickly and at very profitable price points...