Six Sigma Black Belt


Official Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam

This exam has a three-hour time limit. If you have not submitted the exam before it ends, your test will be auto-submitted. Upon submission, if your score is 80% or greater, you will have passed the official Black Belt certification exam. You will find your digital certificate in your account and your name and serial number listed in our official certification directory.

Any score less than 80% is an unsuccessful attempt. You may elect to pay a retake fee for another attempt. To gain confidence and assurance that you'll pass this exam, you can add the D.M.A.I.C. practice tests and cert exam prep test, which will get you comfortable with the testing interface and exposure to hundreds of questions that might be seen on the certification exam.

You may begin the exam at any time. Click the "Black Belt Certification Exam" link in the table below or in your sidebar navigation. Once you enter the test area, clicking the "start test" button will initiate the exam.


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