Comparing 12 Popular Online Six Sigma Certification Providers

Comparing top 12 Six Sigma Certification ProvidersIf you've already read our article about considerations for an online six sigma course then you know that if you're looking to get your black belt certification online then it is important to evaluate several options before choosing your provider.

Fortunately, we've made this evaluation step much easier for you. We are providing a complete look into 12 popular online six sigma certification providers (including ourselves of course). In doing so, we're comparing the costs of all the things each provider either includes or excludes with their black belt course so that we can help you figure out which ones are better priced. Later we'll consider quality. But for now, let's take a look at the dollars.

Below we've compiled a table of 12 popular online six sigma trainers and listed what each includes and the cost to add the things they don't include like certification or statistical software. For providers who do not include statistical software we assume that their course is compatible with Minitab and therefore the student will need to acquire a license of Minitab at their own expense.

Online Six Sigma Black Belt Cost Comparison by Provider - February 19, 2014
Provider Price PDU/CEU Exam/Proj. Cost Pre-Req Pre-Req Cost Software Included Software Cost Time Constraint Total Cost
Villanova $3,980 90/9 $370 GB $2,200 No $1,495 12 Months $8,045
Ohio State $6,595 180/18 $1,295 None $0 Engineroom $0 12 Months $7,890
Florida Atlantic $4,495 70/7 $0 GB $1,995 No $1,495 12 Months $7,985
U.of Michigan $6,490 120/12 $0 None $0 JMP/Minitab $0 12 Months $6,490
U. of South Carolina $4,995 160/16 $0 None $0 No $1,495 3 Months $6,490
Arizona State $3,250 15/1.5 $0 GB $1,295 JMP/Minitab $0 6 Months $4,545
Moresteam $3,100 180/18 $750 None $0 Engineroom $0 12 Months $3,850
Pyzdek Institute $2,395 180/18 $0 None $0 Minitab $0 12 Months $2,390
Aveta Institute $995 NA $0 None $0 No $1,495 12 Months $2,490
BMGI $995 180/18 $0 None $0 No $1,495 12 Months $2,490
Lean Sigma Corp $1,895 105/11 $0 None $0 Minitab $0 Unlimited $1,895
Lean Sigma Corp $1,695 105/11 $0 None $0 SigmaXL $0 Unlimited $1,695 $995 80/8.8 $500 None $0 SigmaXL $0 12 Months $1,495
Acuity Institute $1,495 150/15 $0 None $0 SigmaXL $0 12 Months $1,495

A few things to observe from the table above. Let's start with the university category which is predominately more expensive. They also have more instances of pre-requisites such as green belt certification. This drives up the cost of their already higher priced courses. You should also note that just because the training and certification comes from a recognized university and because it's more expensive does not mean that the course or certification is better. In fact, with the resources available to major universities such as those listed above, we expected to see better course content and better delivery mechanisms but across the board, we are not convinced that university six sigma training is appreciably better than the smaller independent providers.

Another important observation is that all providers with the exception of Lean Sigma Corporation have time limitations imposed on registered students. This is a feature that we use to help differentiate our offering because we believe your Lean Six Sigma learning should never stop or be limited. Therefore we offer perpetual access to our system for as long as you use it. With that, we continue to add supplemental study units and additional exercises to our system so that users can keep fresh and in practice.

You will also notice that the Lean Sigma Corporation is among the least expensive of the entire group. And, when comparing our Minitab course to providers who offer the same or similar software, we are the lowest cost.

The last point we are proud to make regarding our training program compared to the others is that our content and system are as good if not better than many of those listed. We even allow you to demo a full subsection of our course in its full and live environment. No other provider freely grants you a single click, on demand, open access to their demonstration course. We believe this fact alone proves our legitimacy among the class of providers listed above.

We hope we have been able to provide a great set of comparison points for you to consider when comparing these 12 popular online six sigma certification providers. We also hope that we have opened your eyes to the value of our training and certification program. We are among the best in the industry and from a total cost perspective, we are among the best priced.

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  1. CJ on December 9, 2016 at 10:55 am

    Please be advised that the Aveta Institute does not require software to be purchased. A trial to Minitab is provided in addition to many templates. Please update your above chart as it is factually inaccurate. Thank you.

    • Michael Parker on December 9, 2016 at 4:42 pm

      Hi CJ, thanks for the note. You will notice the statistical software column indicates accurately that you do not include Minitab software and therefore, the cost to include the software would be $1,495. This is necessary to fairly compare programs that do include the software with those that do not.