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Learn to Think, Learn to Solve, Learn to Lead!

Career Advancement Requires You To:


Learn to Think

Six Sigma Black Belt are considered "thought leaders". Become one yourself! Learn to think like a leader and see problems and opportunities like never before.


Learn to Solve

Six Sigma Black Belts become problem-solving experts by learning and following 1.) the DMIAC methodology and 2.) Inferential statistics, data, and root cause analysis.


Learn to Lead

Six Sigma Black Belts become mature advisors, mentors, and coaches because they learn to make decisions based on facts and data, leading with truth and experience.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification - Course Details

Course Title Lessons Quizzes Phase
PDU Earned
Six Sigma Black Belt19195215080%3Hrs.92.6%96.3%100SSBB54 Days$795
Certification Requirements
  • Complete all Lessons and Quizzes
  • Pass all Phase Tests (unlimited attempts, passing score 80%)
  • Pass the SSBB Certification Exam (2 attempts, passing score 80%, 3hr. time limit)
  • Complete the Required Course Feedback Form

Course Does Not Require a Project  |  Statistical Software is Not Required  |  Default Statistical References: Minitab.
SigmaXL and JMP Versions are Available on Request  |  Curriculum Compatibility: Minitab v.22, SigmaXL v.10, JMP v.18.
KEY: LSS = Lean Six Sigma | SS = Six Sigma | BB = Black Belt | GB = Green Belt | YB = Yellow Belt | PDU = Professional Development Units

Six Sigma Black Belt Course Outline

  • Define Phase

    Overview of Six Sigma
    Six Sigma Fundamentals
    Lean Six Sigma Projects
    Lean Fundamentals
    Define Phase Test

  • Measure Phase

    Process Definition
    Six Sigma Statistics
    Measurement Systems
    Process Capability
    Measure Phase Test

  • Analyze Phase

    Patterns of Variation
    Inferential Statistics
    Hypothesis Testing
    Hyp. Tests Normal
    Hyp. Tests Non-Normal
    Analyze Phase Test

  • Improve Phase

    Simple Linear Regression
    Multiple Regression
    Design of Experiment
    Full Factorial DOE
    Fractional Factorial DOE
    Improve Phase Test

  • Control Phase

    Statistical Process Control
    Six Sigma Control Plans
    Lean Controls
    Control Phase Test
    SSBB Certification Exam


  • Overview of Six Sigma

    What is Six Sigma
    Six Sigma History
    Six Sigma Approach Y = f(x)
    Six Sigma Methodology
    Roles & Responsibilities

  • Six Sigma Fundamentals

    Defining a Process
    VOC & CTQ's
    Cost of Poor Quality
    Pareto Analysis (80:20 rule)

  • Lean Six Sigma Projects

    Six Sigma Metrics
    Rolled Throughput Yield
    Business Case & Charter
    Project Team Selection
    Project Risk Management
    Project Planning

  • Lean Fundamentals

    Lean and Six Sigma
    History of Lean
    Seven Deadly Muda
    Five-S (5S)

    Define Phase Test


  • Process Definition

    Cause & Effect Diagram
    Cause & Effect Matrix
    Process Mapping
    Theory of Constraints

  • Six Sigma Statistics

    Basic Statistics
    Descriptive Statistics
    Distributions & Normality
    Graphical Analysis

  • MSA

    Precision & Accuracy
    Bias, Linearity & Stability
    Gage R&R
    Variable & Attribute MSA

  • Process Capability

    Capability Analysis
    Concept of Stability
    Attribute vs Discrete
    Monitoring Techniques
    Measure Phase Test


  • Patterns of Variation

    Multi-Vari Analysis
    Classes of Distributions

  • Inferential Statistics

    Understanding Inference
    Sampling Techniques
    Sample Size
    Central Limit Theorem

  • Hypothesis Testing

    Hypothesis Testing
    Statistical Significance
    Risk; Alpha & Beta
    Types of Hypothesis Tests

  • Hyp. Tests Normal

    1-sample t-test
    2-Sample t-test
    Paired t-test
    1-sample variance
    One Way ANOVA

  • Hyp. Tests Non-Normal

    Moods Median
    Kruskal-Wallis / Friedman
    1 Sample Sign & Wilcoxon
    1 & 2 Sample Proportions
    Test of Equal Variances
    Analyze Phase Test


  • Simple Linear Reg.

    X-Y Diagram
    Regression Equations
    Residuals Analysis

  • Multiple Regression

    Non-Linear Reg.
    Multiple Linear Reg.
    Confidence Intervals
    Residuals Analysis
    Box-Cox Transformation
    Stepwise Regression
    Logistic Regression

  • Design of Experiment

    Experiment Objectives
    Experimental Methods
    DOE Design Considerations

  • Full Factorial DOE

    2k Full Factorial Designs
    Linear & Quadratic Models
    Orthogonal Designs
    Fit, Model & Center Points

  • Fractional Factorial DOE

    Fractional Designs
    Confounding Effects
    Experimental Resolution
    Improve Phase Test


  • SPC

    Data Collection for SPC
    Individuals Charts
    Xbar Charts
    Proportions Charts
    CumSum, EWMA Charts
    Control Chart Anatomy
    Subgroups & Sampling
    Control Limits

  • Lean Controls

    Control Methods for 5S

  • Six Sigma Control Plans

    Cost Benefit Analysis
    Control Plan Elements
    Response Plan Elements
    Control Phase Test

  • SSBB Certification Exam

Helping Professionals Take Control of Their Future

Michael Weigele
Michael Weigele
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Fantastic course organized in a very efficient and easy-to-learn manner. The reference materials provided were also excellent, and knowing that I will have access to them in the future is a huge bonus. I would highly recommend this course

Alexander Nelson
Alexander Nelson
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

I can't imagine there is a better Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training on the market. The course material, the website, and the course layout are all outstanding and easy to use.

Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

I took Six Sigma many years ago while at Hewlett Packard, and this training has given me the needed skills to look for project management roles to grow my career.

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