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Customizable Green Belt PowerPoint
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt PowerPoint

Are you looking for a complete Lean Six Sigma PowerPoints that you can use to train others? Even if you want to put your own spin on the content, you can do so with our Lean Six Sigma PowerPoint License. Guided by our PowerPoint License, you use our content to train others; you can customize our PowerPoints to suit your training needs. We do the updating! Let us worry about content updates and statistical software versions. Use our training slides to deliver a world-class training program; we're here for you every step of the way. When you're ready, you can buy a bundle of our license keys so your students can access our certification exams or training courses.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Curriculum Outline

Customizable Green Belt PowerPoint Slides
All Statistical Versions, and All Belt Levels

Lean Six Sigma Per User License Program Content Example

Welcome to a world of Lean Six Sigma excellence made accessible like never before. Our Lean Six Sigma PowerPoint Files grant you exclusive entry into a realm of knowledge, strategies, and insights carefully curated to empower your Lean Six Sigma journey. These meticulously crafted presentations are designed to cater to diverse audiences, from beginners seeking a solid foundation to seasoned practitioners hungry to train others in Lean Six Sigma.

Our collection spans the full spectrum of Lean Six Sigma, covering the DMAIC methodology, as well as other critical concepts and tools. Each PowerPoint file is a goldmine of information, featuring not just slides but also detailed speaker notes, step-by-step exercise examples with instruction on how to use any one of three statistical software programs Minitab, JMP, or SigmaXL.

Trainers, consultants, educators! even if you're just getting started in the training world, we're your partner in delivering a turnkey, world-class Lean Six Sigma training program.

You can't distribute your customized PowerPoint, but you can have your students access our training system, where they can download our PDF training slides so they can follow along with your training.

Have your students follow along with their online course as you train them to pass the certification exam.

We're the professional certification entity for your training courses. We provide you with everything you need to run a top-shelf training program. And your students can get our digital certificate and listing in our certification directory!

It starts with a simple PowerPoint license, and you're instantly in the training game.


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Lean Six Sigma PowerPoints

Everything You Need to Start or Mature a Six Sigma Program

Statistical Software References

These statistical software versions serve as valuable tools for Lean Six Sigma practitioners, enabling them to analyze data, make informed decisions, and drive process improvements effectively. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, you can choose to use the software that best suits your Lean Six Sigma projects, whether it's Minitab, SigmaXL, JMP, or a combination of, all of our eBooks, Slides, PowerPoints, and courses are published with the help of these tools.

Lean Six Sigma Licensed Reseller of Minitab Statistical Software
Compatible up to

Minitab v.21

Minitab is a powerful statistical software widely used in Lean Six Sigma projects. It offers a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive set of statistical tools and analysis features. Lean Six Sigma professionals often use Minitab for data analysis, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, control charting, and process improvement.

Our content and eBooks contain step-by-step instructions using Minitab and we're compatible to version 21.

Lean Six Sigma Licensed Reseller of JMP statistical software
Compatible up to

JMP v.17

JMP is a statistical software package that emphasizes data visualization and exploration. It's known for its dynamic graphical interface, which allows Lean Six Sigma professionals to explore data, identify trends, and discover insights quickly. JMP is useful for data-driven decision-making, experimental design, and predictive modeling.

Our content and eBooks contain step-by-step instructions using JMP and we're compatible to version 17.

Lean Six Sigma Licensed Reseller of SigmaXL statistical software.
Compatible up to

SigmaXL v.9

SigmaXL is another popular statistical software used in Lean Six Sigma. It's an Excel-based tool that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel, making it accessible to a broader audience. SigmaXL provides various statistical and graphical tools tailored to Lean Six Sigma projects. It's known for its ease of use and ability to assist with data analysis, and data visualization.

Our content and eBooks contain step-by-step instructions using SigmaXL and we're compatible to version 9.

Free Bonuses When You License our Lean Six Sigma PowerPoint

Lean Six Sigma Tools, Templates, and Training Files
Six Sigma Green Belt Book for Green Belt Training and Certification
Lean Six Sigma

PDF eBooks
All Belts, All Versions

The PowerPoint license gives you access to all of our Lean Six Sigma eBooks, All Belt Levels, and All Versions!

Lean Six Sigma

Training Slides
All Belts, All Versions

The PowerPoint license gives you access to all of our Lean Six Sigma PDF Training Slides, All Belt Levels, and All Versions!

When you license our Lean Six Sigma PowerPoint files, you'll also gain access to dozens of our Tools, Templates, and Data Files to help with your learning or teaching of Lean Six Sigma. But if that's not enough, our detailed Quick Reference Guide, our D.A.M.I.C. Roadmap in PDF format, and our Hypothesis Testing and Control Charts Roadmaps should be. Everything compliments our accredited Lean Six Sigma Curriculum.

Lean Six Sigma Quick Reference Guide
Lean Six Sigma

Quick Reference Guide

12 Pages of condensed information for quick and easy reference. Information for basic statistics, capability analysis, measurement systems analysis, Pareto chart info, control charts, and much more.

Lean Six Sigma

Tools & Templates

Excel, Word, and PDF templates for your Lean Six Sigma projects. Everything from Audit Checklists to communication plans, our tools, and templates will fill your toolbox with the go-to resources for your needs.

Lean Six Sigma


Instant access to our D.M.A.I.C. Roadmap, Hypothesis Testing Roadmap, and Control Charts Roadmap. Help yourself with these logic maps for when things get slightly more interesting and complicated.

Use-Case: Examples

Use case examples that vaguely represent actual client situations; you should consider them hypothetical. They are oversimplified and adapted to show how our licensing program can support various business models. 

Jane - Master Black Belt

Jane is a Master Black Belt who has occasionally led training with her logistics company. She has always enjoyed training, but her primary role is Continuous Improvement Manager.

She recently came upon a separate opportunity to train a small class of her own, about 8 Green Belt candidates.

The opportunity comes as a result of timing. Jane needs to deliver this training in less than three weeks.

She can't use her company's content, so she buys our PowerPoint, and unexpectedly, she discovers for $129.95, her problems are solved. She has training content, data, tools, templates, roadmaps, etc.

Jane takes two weeks preparing for an awesome class! Because she's using our branding, she decided to use our "Per-User" license and get a registration key.

On the first day of class, she has her students register to our system with her registration key.

Now, all her students have access to the Green Belt eLearning Course, the PDF training slides to follow along with her PowerPoint, the Green Belt eBook, and most importantly, the Green Belt Certification Exam.

She delivers! Flawlessly, her students are certified and in our directory with certificates, and Jane didn't have to do anything more. There are no printing books and manuals, no facilitating and grading tests, no making and printing certificates...everything is crisp! And automatic!

Great Job, Jane!

Jane - Consultant

Jane's previous training engagement went well. She might be able to turn a reference into a new training opportunity.

This opportunity is a bit bigger and more serious. The company wants 16 people trained, 8 Black and 8 Green Belts. They want virtual online training and use JMP at this company, so Jane needs to address those requirements.

She decided she wanted to be more serious herself, developed a logo, and placed it into her training slides with the permission of our White Label license. She provided her logo to us so we could use it for her custom registration page, where all her students will see it connecting her to a premium certification provider.

Oh! We forgot to mention in the background Jane contacted us about being an affiliate. We agreed it would be a perfect additional incentive for both of us. So we connected her license key to her affiliate account and gave her links so that she could promote us on her LinkedIn or Facebook profile and make commissions.

Jane set up a Google Meets account, customized our PowerPoint files for JMP, and conducted a Rock Star virtual training!

Another win for Jane!

Use-Case: Financials

Use case examples that vaguely represent actual client situations; you should consider them hypothetical. They are oversimplified and adapted to show how our licensing program can support various business models. 

Jane - Master Black Belt

Service Conducted: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification
Quantity: 8
Modality: Classroom

PowerPoint Content$129.95
8 GB License Keys$2,400.00
Total Expenses$2,529.95
Net Income$5,470.05

This was Jane's first contracting engagement. She didn't charge enough; she only charged $1,000 per student when the market is $2,400 for a week-long classroom-facilitated training. She's now wiser, but otherwise, everything went very well. She made $5,470.

Jane - Consultant

Service Conducted: Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification
Black Belts: 8
Green Belts: 8
Modality: Live Online

8 Black Belts$20,000
8 Green Belts$13,600
Affiliate Commissions$447.75
Total Revenue$34,047.75
12 Mo. White Label License$3,600.00
8 BB License Keys$2,800.00
8 GB License Keys$2,400.00
Total Expenses$8,800.00
Net Income$25,247.75

Jane has quickly found a groove! Her rates are strong for her business maturity but still remain below average. She charged $2,500 per BB and $1,700 per GB. She also picked up another $447.75 in referral commissions when three of her GBs' purchased our online BB course. And she picked up another referral!

$129.95 One Time Fee
Professional Lean Six Sigma PowerPoints

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