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Customizable access to premium Lean Six Sigma content that you can use to train your own customers or employees. This opportunity extends far beyond what you might expect...

Unlock Your Training Potential as A Licensed Trainer

Become a Lean Sigma Corporation Licensed Trainer and gain access to a treasure trove of training resources. With our Licensed Trainer program, you can customize and deliver Lean Six Sigma training in your unique style while retaining the credibility of the Lean Sigma Corporation brand. Access discounted registration keys for your students, providing them with seamless entry into our online certification courses. Join a community of educators and consultants who value excellence and are dedicated to spreading the principles of Lean Six Sigma.

Your Benefits as a Lean Six Sigma Licensed Trainer:

PowerPoint Files

Customizable Content

Tailor our expertly crafted training content to meet the specific needs of your students and clients. You have the creative freedom to adapt our materials while upholding the trusted Lean Sigma Corporation brand.

Discounted Registration Keys

Student Course Access

Enjoy exclusive access to discounted registration keys, making it cost-effective for your students to enroll in our online certification courses. You'll be able to offer competitive pricing while maintaining your profitability.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
Accredited Courseware and Systems

Certification Authority

Your and your students will benefit from our accredited Lean Six Sigma certification, ensuring that they receive the highest quality training. Your students will earn certifications that are globally recognized.

Your Own Branded Registration Page

Take advantage of your personalized registration page on LeanSigmaCorporation.com where your customers can register to our system gaining access to all of our premier content and certification courses. This registration process will group your customers so that you have visibility of their progress through our system and we provide system reporting and downloadable course and testing reports for your specific customers.

The best part is that the registration keys assigned to you not only streamline the process for you and your customers but also offer you a generous 30% discount on our courses and certification exams for each registrant. You set your prices at our price point for your customers and enjoy a 30% margin for using our world-class training materials.

Lucrative Affiliate Program

Licensed Trainers automatically become a part of our Affiliate Program and earn an impressive 30% commission on every sale driven through your affiliate links. Leverage your website and social media platforms to channel traffic to LeanSigmaCorporation.com, boosting your income effortlessly.

The Leverage of a Global Provider

With the Licensed Trainer program, you gain full access to our comprehensive learning system, training content, tools, data files, roadmaps, ebooks, a quick reference guide, and training slides. Leverage our strong brand and market position to provide your customers with reputable, world-class training content used by universities and corporations globally.

Official Certification Directory and Digital Certificates for Your Customers

Your customers who certify through your training on our system will be featured in our Official Certification Directory. Plus, they'll receive a custom digital certificate, adding credibility and recognition to their achievements.

All this can be yours for just $500 per month (minimum 1 year agreement). With registration keys and affiliate links, you can offset your license fee and start earning from your very first month. By selling only two Black Belt Certification Training courses a month, you can generate income that covers your license cost and establish yourself as a premier trainer and consultant in the Lean Six Sigma industry.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to elevate your training business. Become a Lean Six Sigma Licensed Trainer and take the fast track to success.

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