Six Sigma Courseware Update for JMP 12

Six Sigma Courseware Update for JMP 12

Lean Sigma Corp. Updates Six Sigma Courseware.

Charlotte, NC 10/1/2015

Lean Sigma Corporation has recently updated our Lean Six Sigma courseware to be compatible with JMP version 12. Now, our classroom training courseware, online training modules, "Learn Six Sigma" books and all other Lean Six Sigma courseware is compatible with the latest version of JMP. This update keeps us competitive and on top of the field among Six Sigma content providers.

Our Lean Six Sigma courseware is offered in 3 versions (Minitab, SigmaXL and JMP). Each of the versions of our courseware has been maintained to be compatible with the latest version of each statistical software suite. These updates are important to our competitive advantage and provide clients with the most relevant and applicable Lean Six Sigma content available globally.

About Lean Sigma Corporation

Lean Sigma Corporation is a trusted leader in Lean Six Sigma training and certification, boasting a rich history of providing high-quality educational resources. With a mission to honor and maintain the traditional Lean Six Sigma curriculum and certification standards, Lean Sigma Corporation has empowered thousands of professionals and organizations worldwide with over 5,300 certifications, solidifying its position and reputation as a go-to source for excellence through Lean Six Sigma methodologies.