Six Sigma Quiz Update

Lean Six Sigma Quiz UpdateAs of Sunday 12:00am 8/17/14 we have re-published and uploaded all flash based quiz modules for all Lean Six Sigma courses in all versions for our online training suite. Changes will affect our retail customers, Custom hosted LMS clients and Lean Six Sigma eLearning license clients. The upgrades include:

  • Re-publication of all 21 quizzes in SCORM compliant format
  • Re-publication of all 21 quizzes in flash format for standard LMS execution
  • Re-publication of all 21 quizzes in HTML5 format for mobile capability
  • Implementation of professional standard for correct and incorrect question responses
  • Implementation of “resume feature” to provide users the option to resume the quiz where they left off

Quiz behavior notes within our LMS:

  • Action on re-entry to all quizzes has been set to “Leave Unchanged” meaning that if the student has previously passed the quiz and reopens it at a later time but exits the quiz without re-completing it, the previous status of “Passed” will remain.

Notes pertaining to Custom Hosted LMS Clients:

  • Your browser’s cache may need to be cleared to allow you to see the changes
  • Quizzes that have not been yet been opened for some courses will take approximately 10-15 seconds to load
  • Quizzes that have already be viewed have been set in the LMS cache and will load in approximately 5-7 seconds
  • If you observe any bugs or strange behavior please send a note to admin[at] and let us know.

Lean Sigma Corporation is committed to continued improvements and advancements to our system, curriculum and courseware. Within the next several months we anticipate the following upgrades to be implemented:

  • Minitab upgrade of classroom material to version 17
  • Minitab upgrade and HTML5 publication of eLearning
  • SigmaXL upgrade of classroom material to version 7
  • SigmaXL upgrade and HTML5 publication of eLearning

About Lean Sigma Corporation

Lean Sigma Corporation is a trusted leader in Lean Six Sigma training and certification, boasting a rich history of providing high-quality educational resources. With a mission to honor and maintain the traditional Lean Six Sigma curriculum and certification standards, Lean Sigma Corporation has empowered thousands of professionals and organizations worldwide with over 5,300 certifications, solidifying its position and reputation as a go-to source for excellence through Lean Six Sigma methodologies.