Six Sigma Black Belt JMP Version Update

JMP SoftwareLean Sigma Corporation is now in the final stages of publishing an update of its JMP version of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt curriculum. The new update will include new screen shots and updated step by step examples of how to perform six sigma related statistical analysis using JMP version 11.2.

This upgrade comes 3 years after publishing the curriculum under JMPs previous version 8. Since that time changes to menu options and additions to JMPs analysis capabilities have been implemented. The new version 11.2 is scheduled to be published into Lean Sigma Corporation products offered online, particularly the self-study products as well as its classroom training curriculum.

Further updates to eLearning modules are scheduled for late 4th quarter 2014. Other changes include minor corrections to menu sequencing, changes to data files that correct minor inconsistencies found in one analysis example. These changes ensure exact replication of the screen shots in the courseware as long as students appropriately follow all steps in each example.

The Lean Sigma Corporation is committed to continuing the advancement of its content and curriculum to maintain our status as a globally recognized Lean Six Sigma training and courseware provider.

About Lean Sigma Corporation

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