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Content Customization Flexibility

Lean Six Sigma Content Limitations Standard License
PowerPoint License
White Label License
Study Six Sigma License
Customizable PowerPoint Files
Remove Copyright Marks
Customize Branding
Your Own Branded Site (LMS)

User Pricing for Licensing Clients

License Product
User Pricing
White Label License
Study Six Sigma
White Label License
Installed eLearning
Per User Pricing
30 UsersUnlimited
Yellow Belt User$250$250
Green Belt User$300$300
Black Belt User$350$350
Up to 30 Users/yr.
Up to 60 Users/yr.
Up to 160 Users/yr.
Up to 300 Users/yr.
Up to 480 Users/yr.
Up to 960 Users/yr.
Up to 1,920 Users/yr.
Up to 3,840 Users/yr.

Simple User Pricing for All Licensees

The Lean Six Sigma "User Pricing" is for our licensing clients, who use our content to teach others.

With our licensing system, It is the easiest turnkey system you'll find anywhere. You can quickly provide your organization with accredited training content and systems that you can use for your Lean Six Sigma course offerings!

If you or your organization have our PowerPoint, White Label, or Study Six Sigma license, you acquire registration keys to our system at a deep discount (see pricing table), allowing you to train and certify any number of your customers, clients, or employees.

Buying license keys through our license program gives you a set of registration keys to share with your students, enabling them to register into Lean Sigma Corporation's online training system or your new customized learning system. They will have access to the online course associated with your license key. Your students can download any of your supporting content so that you can deliver training in any modality (Classroom, Live Online, Self-Paced, etc.)

Your students can take our certification exam and receive our trusted certification. They will be given a custom digital certificate and will be listed in our online certification directory.

Students will have access to the eLearning course associated with your registration key (Black Belt, Green Belt, or Yellow Belt) and the included downloadable support files (see below for details).

Instructors (You as the Licensee) will have advanced-level access, enabling you to download customizable PowerPoint training files to deliver in-class or virtual online training. And, because your student used your license keys to access the system, as an Instructor you can see user activity and progress through our eLearning Dashboard, which displays associated user progress and activity with downloadable course and test performance reports.

Additional Questions and Details

The Standard and PowerPoint licenses are intended to be in the Lean Sigma Corporation brand. The White Label License allows removal of our copyright marks and branding.

The Study Six Sigma license advances that even further with us creating an entire learning management system for you in your brand.

Quick and Easy Licensing Process

at Lean Sigma Corporation we try to keep things simple and easy. To get started with this world-class licensing program, we need only a couple of bits of information from you and we will provide you information that you can use to get started immediately and begin making available and delivering high-quality Lean Six Sigma training and certification courses.

What We Need from You:

  • Payment Commitment
  • Legal Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Contact Name, Phone, and Email Address

What we Will Provide to You:

  • Fully Functioning LMS with 3 Certification Courses
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt License Key
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt License Key
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt License Key

By providing the above information, we will begin setup of your organization in our licensing system and within ten business days, you'll have a new eLearning system complete with three certification courses and all the supporting information every student needs.

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